Children’s: “Home, and About”

“HOME, AND ABOUT” a trilogy of three stories:

1. “To Kiss a Frog”

2. “Monkey Business”

3. “To Tie the Loose Ants”

“Home and About” by Anna Evans-Wylie

A toy is not just for Christmas – a toy is for life. Toys have feelings, dreams and faults – some more than others. Toys have adventures. When no-one is looking, they leap out of the woodwork and get on with their mischief. And on dark and cold winter nights, toys flock together from all corners of the wardrobe to tell a story.This is a faithful record of three such stories: all true and there are photographs to prove it!The first story “To Kiss a Frog” is about Zaba: a racy, crossed-eye frog with a short temper and bad manners, who embarks on the mission of finding a prince she has dreamt up. In her quest, she is confronted with a multitude of obstacles. She sails the Seven Seas as a stowaway aboard the Titanic. She follows her heart to Venice where she resorts to begging, is arrested for vagabonding and meets the Two Hundred and Eighty Eighth Doge of Venice. Will she find her prince, or will she come to a sticky end?Book Two, “Monkey Business” is about Big Monkey: an affectionate if hopelessly incompetent creature. His greatest handicap is that he does not know his left from his right, nor does he know his north from his south. These shortcomings spell disaster when Big Monkey decides to run away to Africa and finds himself stranded in Scotland where he stumbles upon the Loch-mess Monster. Will he find his way back home or will he forever forage in the mysterious lands of neither here nor there?The third story, “Tying the Loose Ants” is about Theodore, a purple anteater of noble lineage and high principles. He is wise but very pompous. His mission is to become a hermit – or druid (depending on his mood) – and to preach the Apocalypse to the world. Like St George of the Dragon fame before him, Theodore battles deadly enemies and bumbles across England, carrying his message like a banner. Will the world listen to our brave hero, or will he be judged a harmless lunatic?The three “Home and About” stories can now be bought separately, in paperback from Lulu:

“TO KISS A FROG” at £13.58



Meet my heroes and anti-heroes. You may get to like them.


Zaba, the frog

Zaba with the love of her life – Alfonso. In Venice.
Zaba catching a ride aboard a travelling duck. Or a goose.

Big Monkey

Big Monkey doing what monkeys do best
Big Monkey feeling blue. Especially because he is lost.

Theodore, the anteater

Theodore having a well deserved siesta
Theodore playing football. Soooo out of character!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge
    Nov 19, 2011 @ 16:43:43

    Doubt the stories will go into oblivion – more likely treasured and read to next generation. (and Hooray for using normal vocabulary!)


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