Did I say how cool I was?

For the first time in history, I am my daughter’s hero!

We went skating. Long childhood memories buried under the ice have come to the surface and I flew across the rink. Daughter was impressed. ‘You’re the only one who could skate backwards,’ she said, ‘and swirl!’


My services have now been enlisted to teach Daughter something she actually wants to learn from me. We’ve found common ground between us, even if it is slightly icy.


Daughter’s first steps on ice.


Mother, the heroic back-paddling swirler!

Oh, I do love to be beside the seaside!

Went to Burnham-on-sea to recharge the batteries because, let me tell you, I’m hardly a Duracell-man (or -woman, as the case may be). My batteries had been running low for a while, especially after a few near-lethal short circuits experienced this year.

So we went paddling by the boats –


Head-butting the goats –


Sitting on a fence –


Losing common sense –


Being swept away –


Calling it a day –


May there be light!

It has been a journey through a dark tunnel of a long, tortuous term! As the days drew shorter and the night encroached upon the light as early as 4pm, the dark tunnel got even darker. It sent dark thoughts into my mind. My body refused to get out of bed and I had to whip it into obedience. Rain would drizzle and smudge the landscape as my little car braved down the slippery country road covered in cow poo. A young man tried to kill me on one such road, forced me off the road and made me fly in the air until I landed in front of his shocked face. All because he had not seen me coming. Meantime, I had seen Death as my car grew wings and catapulted me closer to Heaven. I contemplated briefly what would happen to Haley. The crash-landing came before I had a chance to find an answer.

But it is all over now! First – sweet – day of halfterm holiday! It may be spitting with rain but in my head the sun is shining. Haley is wildly invigorated. We didn’t brush our hair this morning. I hung out the washing in the rain – it will do it good, I reckon! We ate bacon for breakfast. Books are to be written – happy books, bursting with simple delights of life. Today, I am a born again pagan! Bring it on, I say! Bring on the torrential downpours and stormy gales! I can weather it!