I, the Conquistador

Contrary to my carefully planned earlier itinary, I didn’t take the choo-choo train, but instead set on foot to conquer Snowdon! Which I did with very little exertion.
I set off after a hearty breakfast (full English with the exception of a withered sausage). At that point I was considering seeing Steve off only to the first steep ascent and scampering promptly to the train station to keep up with his progress from my carriage window.
However, once my competitve spirit kicked in, there was no stopping me. At halfway point, some 550m up into the trek, I was feeling on top of the world already. And when I got to the top, I must say, I could hardly believe it.
If the conquest of a big, bad mountain wasn’t enough, I have also rolled up my sleeve and completed The Buccaneers of Backwater, my last story for children. More about it another time once it has been proof-read and edited. It is the last book for children as my only child-reader is getting on and children’s adventures won’t hold her interest for much longer. I won’t stop writing (that would be like cutting out my tongue) but I will move to writing for adults. I will start a new dedicated blog.

Well, there I conquered the mountain and I conquered yet another story. I, the Conquistador, bless my cotton socks!